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"When you are used to impunity, accountability feels like injustice."

Today I heard that quote while watching a documentary on Hulu called "The Randall Scandal...". I find such documentaries helpful, when I see people bravely telling the truth in spite of potential backlash. If the truth is not told, people get deceived and taken advantage of, abuse continues, families are dismantled, and lives are destroyed.

No one should enjoy impunity - freedom from unpleasant or injurious consequences of one's actions; exemptions from punishment, recrimination, or accountability.

Sadly, in cases of idolization of individuals, when some are thought to be somehow superior to others, those individuals often are treated like, and may themselves believe that, their actions have different consequences than the "average" person. That is unjust. Holding them accountable is righteous, fair and just.

ALL of our actions have consequences. No matter who anyone is, no matter who they themselves or anyone else thinks they are, eventually everyone has to face consequences for their behavior. We can choose our actions, but we don't get to choose their consequences.

Some of us want to save our loved ones from the natural consequences of their choices and actions. In the long run, that just forces the "bottom" in their lives to get lower and lower, until we can no longer rescue them, and they begin to make different, hopefully better, choices. Compassionately letting our loved ones face consequences earlier than later can help them in the long run.

I have personal stories related all of my posts, but am mainly wanting, for now, to share and briefly comment on this quote, and a few other upcoming quotes, that I find to be helpful on my healing journey.

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