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Updated: May 1

Dear Reader,

Your visiting this site means that you care.

Thank you for caring.

I want to state a defense of MARRIAGE, and then stop blogging for now. (For those reading this after the fact, I had posted over 50 blog posts, but due to intensified threats and abuse, I took them down. I have saved them and may re-post them at a later date.)

Marriage is a partnership, with mutual care and honor.

Marriage is a love relationship.

Marriage is a provision - it is not good for man to be alone.

Marriage is a beautiful union of two committed lovers who become, over the years, more and more perfected into oneness, though the process is not always easy. In fact, it can be very difficult and painful at times.

Marriage (along with every important relationship) requires communication; relationship IS communication.

Marriage is exclusive of all others, including members of one's family of origin.

Marriage specifically requires, based on the Bible, that a man leave his father and mother to be joined to his wife, so that the TWO would become ONE.

Marriage is of God; God joins a husband and wife in marriage.

Marriage is oneness; oneness is wonderful.

Marriage is NOT a dictatorship. Neither partner is superior nor inferior to the other. They are complementary.

Marriage is NOT a status symbol.

Marriage is NOT a convenience.

Marriage is NOT open to outsiders' involvement or meddling; for members of a family of origin to become involved in a marriage-in-crisis is nearly always damaging (this was told to us by a very seasoned and trained marriage therapist).

Marriage is NOT to make us merely feel better; it makes us become better as each one grows in such a precious love relationship.

Marriage is NOT compatible with practices of rejection, abandonment, long-term silence toward/blocking of one's partner.

Division (forced separation, a void of fellowship, betrrayal, rejection, abandonment....) is cruel and terrible.

Nothing but death should separate a couple, except, if necessary, a couple separates from one another for a short time, based on mutual agreement, for prayer.

I believe that pain and suffering can be very productive, if it is not pain and suffering that result from one's doing evil. Through difficult life experiences, something precious is produced. I pray that would be the case for every person suffering righteously right now, and that there would be the all-sufficient grace to bear what we otherwise cannot bear.

May we not lose heart; may an eternal weight of glory result, which, apart from sufferings, would never have been possible.

Holding to truth in love,


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1 Comment

Greetings! I’m glad to have come across your site. It’s good to know that more people are speaking up about these things, especially regarding The Lord’s Recovery. Thank you for your courage!

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